Hi there! I'm Allison and I'm an "adult."

I say this lightly, as navigating this whole new world has been quite the adventure. Mainly, an adventure in high phone bills and multiple e-mail chains with my parents asking some of the most common questions: what the heck is a 401K? Do I need it? What about a PPO? Is my credit score okay? Should I be freaking out about my student loans?

The list of questions goes on...

As a bit of background, I'm a college graduate and an expat living in Europe and trying to apply what I've learned to my everyday life.

My point in creating this blog is for the posts to serve as a reference for other young adults who might not have the same resources as me. So, read on and, hopefully, you'll learn something useful!

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions; all of my information is on my Contact page.

Good luck, and welcome to the "adult" life!
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